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May 24, 2010


I’m completely exhausted after the weekend and behind on everything. We didn’t win anything, but whatever, I’m happy being a nominee :)

Also, Today is B.I.B.L.E.’s first year anniversary! Imaginary birthday cake for everyone, yay.
I haven’t had a chance to do anything special, so I was thinking, hmm, what can we pull of? And then I thought: Let’s have a little fun and do a spontaneous round of Ask the Cast!

Ask the Cast
You can ask any character anything you like and I’ll draw their answer. If your question requires a spoilery answer or we consider it too offensive (that would have to be pretty damn offensive) it’ll be skipped, so try and avoid that. Otherwise everything is go.

You can write your question in a comment or send it via email to, whatever suits you best – But only this week (until the 31. of May).

I’ll probably post the answers as incentives on TWC and the put them up here on the site when I’ve finished all of them.

Thanks for your support, guys, and just for reading in general. Here’s to another year :)


Happy Birthday!

As for a question… hmm… I’m no good at these. How about: how long have Balthazar and Opal been working together? And do they normally lead trained soldiers or fresh recruits as in the comic thus far?

Yay! Happy Birthday! Best wishes and all that!! Looking forward to another year!

Let’s see….questions…..hmmm…..well, the first one that comes to mind might have potential spoiler-y connotations, but, in interests of curiosity, I’ll ask anyway: were the angels/vampires human before they died? If so, why do they are they now in these strange forms? Is it a reflection of their nature when they were alive?

If this question is unanswerable, then how ’bout this (sort of a technical question): I noticed most of the angels have wings (well, duh). So, do they have to keep fit in order to retain their ability to fly? Like, work out the muscles in the wings and keep a strict weight so that they are still light enough and strong enough to keep themselves in the air?
Stupid question, but I really am curious. :D I

It’s been a year already? … Wow, congratulations!

And congratulations to Duncan (I guess) for keeping his arm relatively intact!

Well, congratulations on the one year anniversary. And I don’t care about what those award shows say, you’re still making the best danish comic in my book!

And my question goes out to General Balthazar: *Ahem, cough* Mr. Balthazar, how do you feel about the relationship between your halo, and the german nazi swasticka?

Ooooh! Ooooh! Best birthday song ever! Video is just lyrics, but then again, it’s youtube, I’m just glad it wasn’t a still image. And I believe I probably have put this up before, ’cause I do it whenever someone has a birthday or anniversary. =P

Anyway! Link! Clicky clicky!

Also, if you want to get some publicity for your first anniversary, go send an email to the Webcomic Beacon, they have a news section on their podcast where they mention anniversaries and page milestones (100, 200, 300 etc.) if you send ’em a link and the milestone you have reached. On the topic of Webcomic Beacon, it is hilarious, and who knows, might teach you something about the comic types they talk about. It’s on itunes! Just look up webcomic beacon… man, I am being such a corporate shill today.

Anyway! Link to the contact page for Webcomic Beacon:

And in other news: Dayumn, what kind of staff is that? That vampire dude was all like “D8”.
On the plus side though this is like therapy, seeing all these vampires die. I was forced to watch Twilight on the weekend *shudders*

That song describes pretty well how I usually feel about my own birthdays.

Oh I know the Webcomic Beacon perfectly well. They’re hosted by Rampage Network just like us.
Thanks for reminding me of more stuff I need to do, though D:

Happy birthday~ :D I started reading this today lol OTL It’s really interesting so far, so keep the great work up neh?

Also, as for the question.. Are there any completely-human angels out there (as in, in the army)? I don’t think I’ve seen any. Just.. anthros XD

Congratulations on the nomination and the one year anniversary! Big accomplishment :D

As for a question: I noticed there are green halos and red halos. What does each color mean, if anything,and why is Balthazar’s different?

Congratz on the anniversary! I’m happy to see its still going strong. Now for my question to Balthazar. I see that every other angel has white wings, yet you have the awesome multi color wings. Is this because you are a General, or just cause you’re awesome? Also, how did you get the sword that can burst into flames? And why have we not seen it yet?!

Awesome. I have questions for people…

Mr. Balthazar… What planet did you come from before your death and what was your race? I’m curious. Oh, and when you first became an angel, was it hard to coordinate an extra pair of limbs or putting on shirts with wings in the way?

Sir awesomeness of all things awesome and evil and omg fucking awesome, but for simplicity’s sake I shall refer to you as Rex… Is it hard going through doors with those horns? I mean… They’re freaking huge, man. Oh, and why do you have that eye patch?

Hehe, nice moves girl (don’t know her name).
But where are the lines that show her swipe? You know, movement lines?
Hmm…pretty good page though.

Wow, ask the cast round? That’s the first time I’ve heard of that.
Well, I think I’ll ask…Nicholas, just for the heck of it: Have you seen any human angels? If you have, then how come there aren’t any with any of you now? And if you haven’t, don’t you find it weird? I mean, come on! Humans still exist, and they’re good with magic, how come there are no human recruits?

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