Rebound page 63

May 31, 2010

That’s Duncan for you: Helping ladies off the ground before noticing that his arm is gushing blood and freaking hurts.

Aaand the Ask the Cast round is officially closed! Awsome all of you who had a question, or two, or three, or so on :)
I’ll start drawing the answers now so keep an eye out on TWC. Don’t worry, though – I’ll put them all in the gallery when I’m done.
The answers will probably be mixed and matched and edited a bit to avoid having the same question twice and what have you.

I’m practically on my summer break now; just have a single exam to take care of. I had expected to be able to kick our update schedule up to two pages a week during summer, but with vacations and various chores and a buffer that desperately needs to be rebuild I’m not so sure anymore. Eh, let’s see what happens.


Aww Q__Q Summer break dowant.. I still have about 2-3 weeks of class left. And everyone’s decided they need to give us tests now since we don’t have enough notes. GAY!


Huh, Duncan reminds me of the knight who takes all the credit and gets all the glory, and sure he deserves some of it but it looks like grumpy spear-girl (is she a cat?) is getting tired of it. O.o and it looks like the spear changes shape because it was a pokey thing and a slicy thing in the previous page and now it is just blunt. I like spear-girl. :D

She’s a caracal (pic) and actually has a name (Mei), not that it matters right now.
Oh and the spear is blunt because she’s holding the pointy end downwards :P

I’m a nearly-new reader (and I’m a silly one, I’ve missed my chance to ask Balthazar a question *sob-sob*). So now I ummm… just want to compliment you guys about the story and grafics, especially grafics, ‘couse it’s really awesome!

10 of your earth currencies says Duncan dies long before the end!

And dang! I knew there was something I forgot to do, I got all wrapped up in geogrpahy revision and forgot to ask an actual question, still, thank you for your answers to my ‘srs business’ questions. XD

Oh, and can we call the grey dude Karl Randomface? :3

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