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June 7, 2010


I started today by randomly dropping my sock in the toilet and thought to myself ‘oh this is gonna be a good day.’ I was right. /sarcasm
Well my exam group came in second with our website design so maybe we’ll sell it, I guess that’s pretty okay.

Umm, what was it I wanted to say? Oh yeah, I should probably throw you a link to Ian Jay since I adore this guy’s art style and his comic Epiphany is updating again.


* gasp *

Is that a Human in the gold shirt and green pants?!?


O.o It is! And so is the guy in the right on the same panel, but he’s commiting less of a fashion atrocity with the brown than the hideous gold and green combo, so he comes out ahead.

Mind you, don’t know why I’m commenting on fashion, as I have a black and flourescent green shirt on, with blue jeans to top it off. XD

She can choose any outfit in all of creation…

And what about Nicole? The woman with the bare midriff calls the others bimbos.

Huh, I’ve not really realised before, but aren’t all the healers so far women? Is that pure choice on your part, or is it part of the fiction?

Also, I do quite like out Foxy friends reaction to the healers… sigh, snarkyness is fun times! XD

But maaaan, socks in the toilet isn’t as bad as a DS down there, unless they were some fantastic socks =P. Noooooes, mah Pokeymans! D8

No, not all of them, but most. Like in real life most nurses tend to be female.
The rate of male vs. female healers is more even for those that work in hospitals and operate and do complicated medical stuff that is not all powered by magic. But being an army nurse? That’s considered a women’s job to the point where it’s embarrasing to be a guy and have a green halo over your head.

The actual army is just as old fashioned and dominated by male warriors, but since we’re dealing with Opal who’s one of the rare female leuitenants and Duncan who’s quite fond of the ladies I know the soldiers we’ve seen so far don’t give that impression.

And pokeymans in the toilet? That’s catastrophic :C

Le sigh, society-ingrained sexism, it really does go both ways doesn’t it? ‘Cept that its more something which requires a fully fledged essay to cover, rather than a comment via a webcomic. But yeah! Bad thing, surely the male types should be allowed to do what they wish, regardless of societies whims?

Aaahhh scary fangirls! Nicole looks like she totally wants to go do the same thing but is too proud to. Antelope girl is justified at least, having her life saved and all.

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