Rebound page 65

June 14, 2010

It’s just a flesh wound! (It had to be said).
Also bunny girl’s rage face deserves a close up:
Rage face

I like how Opal started out being the optimistic one, but has now taken to being just as pissed about this mission as Balthazar 8D



Also, thank you so much for the voice of reason shown with the vote incentive, vampires should not be sparkly! And really now, on an off topic note, The Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko is so much better as vampire literature, mostly because it tells an interesting story, and while the ideas have been mirrored in media like the Vampire games by Troika, the idea of policing the powers works well, the main character is believable, and the fiction explained within its own universe laws.
Oh, and the vampires are only really borderline important to the story, and barely feature prominently, but honestly? Thank god for that. Vampires have failed to really hold up under close scrutiny as characters, mostly due to horrendous weaknesses that they have limiting their…anything really. And the inability to eat garlic bread! Unlife blows!

…Sorry, that just turned into a plug for a book I like XD But yeah! More interesting than the horrible, vapid and soulless abominations from Twilight!

*blinks* wait, how is Duncan getting healed through his shirt?

And thank you for the obligatory Monty Python reference, t'was a pity I couldn't have used it.

Aw, I missed “Ask the Cast 2”. (Any hope that it’ll be put up somewhere, maybe in the gallery?)

Bunny really has that disturbing fangirl thing down to a T. It’s not just here rage face – the way she looks at Duncan’s shoulder in panel 2, it looks like she wants to just break off his arm and take it home as a souvenir! O_O

I bet she also steals the legs of commanding officers in the middle of the night. <..>

Poor Opal, this whole mission is such a mess, and now she stuck looking at how her fellow officer was flirting with the nurse. I mean healer.
Why the patience is not the virtue that allows a mortal to pass onto Heaven, I wonder? It’s surely worth to be one.

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