Rebound page 66

June 21, 2010

Damn, I had forgotten how hard it is to cram out two pages in a week D: Especially inking the pages takes me forever because I am a slow inker and find it mind numbingly boring to boot.

Anyway, last week I found out that having chattering people as background noise increases my poor ability to concentrate by a billion (well maybe not, but A LOT at least). I don’t know why this is, but if you have a favourite podcast or something similarly longwinded and chattery don’t be shy about throwing a link.


Opal is Duncan’s superior? I was under the impression that they were equals.

… hey, is there any visual representation of rank that we should be aware of, for warriors? For healers?

Oh they are equal, but Opal’s the only one who’s talked to Balthazar about what to do at this point, and he’s the superior.

Well, you could always listen to the Harry Potter audio books read by Stephen Fry, if you like that sort of thing :) Here’s a link to chapter 1 part 1:

If you do decide to listen to them, you should know that chapter 16 isn’t missing, it was just added a bit later the rest, so when you get to it you have to look for it among the rest of the stuff this guys has uploaded.

Love your comic! :D

Audio books! That’s a great idea :)
Thanks for the link and maybe I should go see what my local library’s got of these sort of things. Then I can draw comics And be told stories at the same time, fabulous~

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