Rebound page 67

June 28, 2010

I’ve propably mentioned before that I love getting flat colours back from Maia because she has a habit of naming the random characters. These guys were dubbed Hellboy Jr. and Lars (after Brütal Legend I take it) :D

I’m off to France on Thursday and won’t be back until July 11th. Vacation oh sweet vacation.
I’m putting Maia in charge of the website while I’m gone so we’ll update as usual. Please bear with us if something messes up though, I usually take care of website stuff so Maia isn’t as WordPress savvy.


Thank you. So much for that vote incentive. I do believe I haven’t laughed that hard since who knows how long. XD Yay Steve!

And lars? What am I missing here? Man, Brutal Legend was supposed to come out on PC, but they cancelled it a month before release. Boo! Hiss! Still, there’s always Psychonauts.

Gasp! Maia in charge of the website? Is this going to end up like Home Alone, with two scary hackers coming along and trying to steal everything, with Maia stopping them with awesome traps and whatnot? I would watch that movie =P

Suddenly, cherubim! Thousands of them!

Brutal Legend was cool for the first few hours. But after that … it got kinda stale. Nerfball, you didn’t miss much.

Have a safe trip to France, and we’ll see you when you get back! (Take lots of scenic pictures and work them into the backgrounds!)

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