Rebound page 69

July 12, 2010

Good old Mud face makes a return!

Back from France. Normandy was lovely with lots of adventures with cows and a pretty church in every town. Pompous gothic architecture oh yeah


Welcome back! Are we going to see some inspired architecture ( :D ) and/or cows ( :| ) in future updates? What other things did you do?

Wow, Nicholas either found some warrior spirit, or he really is that naive. Not that the guys in panels 1 – 3 are much better.

Thanks! Haha, no architecture (or cows) until I get everyone out of this goddamn forest I’m afraid. But yeah, gothic architecture is good inspiration for heavenly stuff.

We also went to an aquarium/shipping museum to watch awsome fish and a reptile park and the Mont Saint Michel monestary as well as various towns and beaches. Drove around a whole lot when we were not chilling in our rented house with the resident cows :P

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