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June 26, 2009

Oh Rex, all you need is some dramatic thunder and a cackling laugh and you can be a real super villain :3

Shit is still coming down, my neck is still busted, I already hate IE 8, and I just found out Michael Jackson died D: I think this is the first time ever I’ve been sad about a famous person dying. Never exactly been a fan of the guy or anything, but it’s Michael Jackson for god’s sake :(

Vote for Maia’s reference sheet for Rex. If you’re one of our Danish readers you have probably already seen this; sorry about that. I’m running out of relevant but non-spoilery things to post as incentives. Good thing we’ll have some more characters showing up really soon :)


Sinister yet condescending exposition! Yay! And Rex doesn’t need any of that, evil laughter and stuff, all he needs is to loose and then come back as a slightly more demented version of himself and he’ll be a villain to me. And that’s all that counts.

And far more importantly: Dude! Get Firefox! Join the revolution! And the whole Michael Jackson death thing isn’t something I can really comment on, mostly due to the fact that my school are a bunch of backwater redneck racists, so if I go against the opinion of him being a filthy then I get murdered with shotguns. So yeah, guess it is kinda depressing, oh well.
Well I just went and depressed myself there. Curse your mentioning of the Michael Jackson death! *sniffles* I’m offski, cya!

But I hate Firefox even more than I hate IE D: Should I ever force myself into taking the great leap and switch browsers I’d probably start using Google Chrome. Oh well.
Well screw them rednecks >:( Even though his career went down the drain in the end Michael Jackson was a great musical icon. It’s so weird that he’s gone all of a sudden.

For future reference about the names of these five characters, there’s:

Virtus (The guy from page 2)
Rex (The focus of page 7)
????? (‘Mud Face’ aka ‘Melt-Faced Maroon’)
????? (‘Mr.Horribly Gay Bishie Elf’)
????? (‘Profit the Hutt’ ?)

Heh, Profit the Hutt made me laugh. And wasn’t Melt-Faced Maroon one of the names I gave to generic character which was probably named and then I forgot? Hooray! People read my excessively long, ramblling and generally rather surreal comments! I feel valued now. And with that, Nerfball, away!

The comic fah rilz needs to be on the front page, yo. Scrolling to click on semi-obscure latest comic link = D:

Also, this sequence is amusing me.

Sorry, but neither of us really like the idea of having the comic on the frontpage. I might do something about the scrolling, though (you got a point there). I’ll have to look into that the next time I update the site.

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