Rebound page 70

July 19, 2010

Zzzap! Some magic that isn’t special-hidden-vampire-village-dragon-summoning-technique-no-jutso. Muds is pretty good with it.


Also, why don’t Angels have ranged weapons? How about baby angels with bows and arrows? :-)

The army barely bothers training soldiers with ranged weapons because 90% of the time they are sent out to fight demons and other hellcritters. Many demons are incredibly though and practically needs to be decapitated to die, so unless you have a canon or something ranged weapons won’t do you much good.

nnuuuuu Nicholas

+ i dont think medics are supposed to fight so much or theyre supposed to have 1 soldier with them at all times.

Nicholas is in over his head. Shocking.

I have to ask, is Nicholas shocked at Mudface’s face, or startled that Mudface suddenly turned around to block? (Or both?)

And so Nicholas learned an important lesson: Lightning hurt like crap man!

I am surprised that there hasn’t been anyone referencing force lightning here.. Or that Nicholas’ pose is the same way as Lukes, any inspiration there?

If I wasn’t here five days late then my force lightening shout would both be topical and not rendered utterly redundant by Foiled. Curses! I will have my revenge! *shakes fist*

Still, I can’t help but feel like shouting: FINISH HIM.

Carry on chaps, just felt like saying something. XD

i feel utterly sorry for Opal, not only does she have to deal with vamps, she have to deal with a bunch of mindless angels D: or .. at least one. but maybe he wont be a problem any more

i hope he lives to make more trouble tho.

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