Rebound page 71

July 26, 2010

Opal is the super-mom of lieutenants.

Whoop, I am being really absent-minded and behind on stuff and now I’ll just run from the trouble and go over to Maia’s place tomorrow, haha :P Won’t be around ’till next week probably.


You fools! Making him angry only makes him stronger! Also, did he just drop his sword to spew yet more lightening from his hands? So how does that work exactly, is it a limited power which runs out eventually, or is he the one man solution to energy problems everywhere?

And me and wysiwyg here can go start up an Opal Cheer squad. Go Opal, you so fine, you so fine it feels divine! *clap clap* Go Opal! Go, go, GO OPAL! XD

Man, I can’t even remember what song that is which I am failing to really parody.

Magic is a very limited power… unless you sucked ‘souls’ of the mortals. So watch em vampires, their magic is stronger and last longer.

But if he lost control, wouldn’t the lightning just stop?

Unless demonic/sin magic works differently, perhaps, so that demonic/sin spells can get out of control very quickly.

I’d hate to see what happens if this giant summoning spell gets disrupted.

The way the lightning magic works is to focus energy from the surroundings to create electricity. If the magic is disrupted it won’t just stop like bam, gone. Rather the focused energy will fizzle out since there’s nothing holding it in place. That could get out of control, though. Especially with something as unpredictable as lightning.

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