Rebound page 72

August 2, 2010

Don’t say that, Nicholas – You only had your brains fried a little bit.

Aw man, it’s August already? How did this happen?


I wonder how Nicholas and his sister died the first time? Nicole was probably tired and let Nicholas drive the car.

They died when they were kids in an accident of sorts. They’re just about the only people in this comic who are no older than they look.

*hears dartyh sidious* DS: *evil laugh* yyyeeesss *chews a dorito* everything is going as i have forseen >:)


Prob not a good idea to give a smart aleck response to your superior that just saved you….just saying. He seems way to happy in the last panel, maybe a few neurons misfiring after that shock.

Ohh and woo my question answered! =^.^=

Mudface can’t have died that easily … Don’t turn your backs, guys! Dispose of the corpse, quick!

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