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August 9, 2010

Yeesss, this is it – Now we can move on to what I think of as ~THE FINAL SCENE~ of volume 1. This is a really misleading thing to tell you since 1) It isn’t actually the final scene, and 2) It’s pretty goddamn long.
Still I am psyched to finally start scratching the surface of the plot that is a bit more advanced than getting everyone from point A to point B.

I have updated the website here and there. The cast page is up to date now and I’ve put the older Ask the Cast answers in the gallery. I think those are the most important things.


Hey, I’ve been a reader since yesterday and first I’d like to say that I love this comic. I found your comic through an advertisement on another comic (I’ll remember which one eventually).

Your comic has such interesting creatures in it and I like how you make the faces of the soul vampires look like stuff my cat coughs up. It really makes it easy to hate them.

My favorite character so far is the main character, General Balthazar, of course. I’ve been imagining him with the voice of Travis Willingham and Lt. Opal with the voice of Colleen Clickenbeard.

Travis Willingham does the voice of Colonel Roy Mustang and Colleen Clickenbeard does the voice of Lt. Riza Hawkeye in the english dubs of both Full Metal Alchemist anime. I think that General Balthazar and Lt. Opal share a relationship similar to those two anime characters.

However, if you have a good idea of who you’d like voicing your characters, I’d love to hear it, especially for the other characters in the comic.

If Nicholas and Nicole are siblings, were they born angels or did they die at roughly the same time or what?

The fact that General Balthazar lived off warfare before he died has me interested in his past. What planet does he hail from and was it a planet that frequently fought with other planets or with itself?

Hey, thanks alot :)

I can’t speak for my partner in cri– I mean, writing, Maia, but I personally rarely have voices in mind for my characters. I guess I’m just picky anyway.

However, the guy you’d have as Balthazar’s voice is way, way too deep and manly man sounding. I can’t think of a voice I think would suit him, but manly man voices are definitely not it.

The voice for Opal could work I guess. I just imagine her to be slightly more cheery and loud sounding. …I make it sound like she’d have a really annoying voice, but I’m bad at explaining it :P

About Nicole and Nicholas: No one is born an angel, all angels are dead people. But yes, they died in an accident at the same time when they were just kids.

Balthazar comes from a planet that’s mostly made up of plains and desert, so it has always been plagued by war over resources and the good bits of land.

So this is the beginning of the climax of volume 1? We still hardly know anything about either side, but we know just enough to keep it interesting. Will we get to see the results of this particular vampire/demon ritual? And will we get to see what effects this may have on the rest of the story and the universe?

Wow the end of volume one. I have to say you are doing one of the better jobs of constant updating and keeping the story moving along. A number of other web comics try to tell their story like it was in a comic book but that does not work well in this format. Bible is good because I know everything you update something is going to be happening.

Thanks, that makes me happy to hear. I have a bad tendency to think things are moving too slow because everything takes such an awfully long time to unravel in this format. There’s always that next part I just wanna get to.

You actually have a good balance. For the level of art and coloring you have even once a week is commendable.

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