Rebound page 74

August 16, 2010

Edit, August 22:

Much as expected there’s no update this Monday. I haven’t been able to draw a thing all week, nor do much of anything else.
I have been feeling a lot better today, though. Hopefully (for the sake of my sanity and budget) my chiropractor appointment tomorrow will be the last for now and we’ll be back on the regular comic schedule next week.

Thanks for your well wishes and see you around.

Burning him to a crisp is what.

Okay so my neck is pretty messed up which sucks because it’s making it hard for me to sit on a chair and draw stuff without feeling like I’ve been beat up with a bat specifically on the neck. Why does locked vertebrae always sneak up on you to pounce with explosive power of hurt and discomfort like that?
My chiropractor took some x-rays that told us that 1) My back is ridiculously lopsided (I don’t need x-rays to tell me this) and 2) My neck is straight as a board. I was like, huh, no wonder I can’t sit in a car seat without feeling like my head’s going to fall off. At least this is fixable, it’s just gonna take a long time with regular self torture. Whooptidoo.

Anyway, my point is don’t count on me to be able to draw comics until my neck is better. I spent yesterday being a stubborn idiot and sat down and coloured a page. I shouldn’t have. Seriously. Ow.
I do hope this isn’t going to take long, though. God help me if I have to go back to my classes and their shitty chairs like this.


Well, I can’t argue the chiropractic analysis, your neck needs a curve and your back needs to straighten. I know it seems like torture the first few times you go on traction, but at least it’s temporary torture and once things start to straighten out, you’ll feel a lot better.

Here’s hoping you don’t have to endure months of therapy! Unlike the poor nameless guy in panel 2 … is he still burning to death, or is he already gone?

I hope things go better for you with the chiropractor than they do for me. I have back muscles that are good imitations of bridge cables. First they tend to tense up locking my back into that position then they resist chemical and manipulative efforts to relax them.

Man, that sucks :/ Is there nothing you can do then?

My neck used to do something like that. I tense up in my shoulders real easily, and when that had been going on for a long enough period of time the uppermost vertebrae in my neck would lock themselves in the position they were held in.
However, I got a whiplash injury a few years ago after a car accident, and since then my neck has been weird. Most likely the injury caused my neck to become straight and that’s what’s causing all this in the first place. Not having a curve in your neck is nooot good.

Hi, just discovered your really terrific web comic, and I just want to say THANKS!! for the comic and all the work you put into it. I’ts really great, really enjoy it a lot, hope you get better soon and take it easy while you can. Look forward to more!!

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