Rebound page 75

August 30, 2010

We’re back in business~

Say hello to Wrath. He is one motherfucking angry bear deity thingy.
Wrath and everything associated with him/it is definitely the most classic hell stuff. Lots of destruction and fireeee.


dear god this comic is gorgeous * ^ *
The art the perspective on everything is just amazing <3~
Keep up the good work!

What scares me more is the one-eyed-octopus-thingy in the first panel. But yeah, Wrath looks epic (and seriously pissed). Will the vampires burn to ashes like in the Blade series? :>

I think they might need a big spatula to get the elf kid out of the circle.

Also, I suspect this wrath summon isn’t going away just by killing the vampires who summoned him. Powered by the poor kids soul or something?

It’s a giiiiiiiiant BEAR THINGIE! 8D I am so happy right now.

And I imagine those guys who are on fire aren’t getting back up again, huh? Man, I get the feeling there’s a reference to not getting caught in the CROSSFIAH to make here, so lets make us a reference!
Bwehehehe… man, that game was terrible XD

Hehe, knew it was gonna be wrath.^^

I really like the cloud-swirl in the third panel.

Second that opinion, and I must say that I enjoy the colouring in the whole summoning session.

Speaking of, I was as bit worried that the cracked and destroyed columns would’ve disrupted the ritual in some way.

I still think it would have been funny if they accidentally summoned Sloth instead of Wrath. The vampires would just sit around talking big and smoking weed.

If i were that bear i’d be pissed.
Think about how long it is since he ate humans last :P
Well, i suppose Wrath is meant to be pissed ’bout everthing

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