Rebound page 76

September 6, 2010

I really like this page for some reason. It was fun to colour.

Completely unrelated, but I’m kind of spamming the internet with this right now: If you have any experience with clay dolls for stop motion purposes, please do share your supreme knowledge. Any advice on what sort of clay to use and so on is much appreciated since I’m kind of in a hurry to find out and don’t have any previous experience with clay to draw on.


LOL, the cyclops has bad depth perception.

The biker mouse looks unhappy. Who moved his cheese?

And will Balthazar show up before Virtus snaps BM’s neck?

Clay dolls for stop motion? Hope I’m not too late!

You want to go to a craft/art supply store and buy Claytoon clay.

You also should pick up some armature wire, a little thicker than jewelery wire, and some epoxy. If you’re making just a blob, the clay is all you need, but if you want to make a person you should start by building a framework with the wire, binding it with some epoxy at the joints, and then put clay over it. That way, it’s flexible but holds its shape.

Hit me up if you have other questions about it! Love your comic, by the way.

Hi, the project this doll was made for has already been turned in by now, but thanks for the advice anyway :)
I ended up making an octupus out of some kind of advanced play-doh on top of a wire armature. I could have used the tip about epoxy since the arms on it kind of ended up looking horribly misfigured after I was done animating :P Oh well.

Oh and thanks, by the way!

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