Rebound page 77

September 13, 2010

Fireee! They keep mr. toad face around for a reason.


Yeah, so that was hilarious. XD Srsly.

I love how “bleh” Balthazar looks while pushing Mr. Horns over.
Eh, I just l love this webcomic. :D

Wait, is Balthazar left handed? He’s holding the sword like a left hander in panel 1..

No, but I am left handed and have a horrible tendency to make everything I draw act left handed without thinking about it. I wouldn’t be suprised if I had done this half the time I’ve drawn someone holding a sword with both hands õ__õ

Well now…I knew I’d forgotten to get all my fave titles back in my list after my computer crash. But it WAS really nice to read a block of your work straight! Great stuff…the tension is really mounting!

I’m back on track with the RSS so I look forward to future updates!

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