Rebound page 78

September 20, 2010

Eh, I’m kind of struggling with the comic at the moment so bear with me and any irregularities. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve been working my ass off for the past few weeks. Now I’ve caught the nasty cold that’s going around too. Yeah, let’s see how I manage to catch up this week.


Shark-guy’s getting his wing burned off? Yowch.

Panel 5: No! Seahorse(?)-girl, don’t take your eyes off the enemy with the sharp stabby object!

Must be a fairly new vampire to produce such little shadow dragons. Still in droves they would still be a force to contend with!

I dont know, it takes a different kind of talent to conjure up multiple dragons at once. It acquires some multitasking to keep track of three summons and avoid getting stabbed at the same time.
Still they’re not much good for killing people on their own.

So he’s not just another pretty face after all.

Drop and roll shark dude! Drop and roll!

How much weight can those angels carry anyway? I’m thinking really big rocks. :-)

Hmm, well warrior angels have a slight strength boost, but it doesn’t meassure up to some kind of super human strenght. More like those strong guys who can pull around trucks and lift huge weights, except the angels don’t have to work as hard to achieve that.

oh yea the cyclops is a left hander here 2 (thinks back on the previous page)

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