Rebound page 79

September 27, 2010

I’m really contemplating upping the size of the pages sometimes. This one is kind of suffering from bad compression.
What do you guys say? Are the pages too small? Or is it just me because I’m used to looking at them up close when I draw them.

Oh yeah, I was streaming while colouring this page. It’s a bit tragic I’m so far behind with colours I can do that, but it’s fun to stream so I guess it ain’t all bad :} I didn’t manage to catch up and colour two pages last week either, so maybe I’ll stream again, let’s see.
Anyway, if you wanna catch things like that it’s probably best to keep an eye on my DeviantART account. One should be on Twitter for stuff like this, but I just don’t see the point of having an account there when you don’t feel like twittering in general.
Haha, now I actually did go and make a twitter. Who’s a turncoat, yes it’s me :P (Maia made on too)

Hoo well, maybe I didn’t catch up on colours, but Maia and I did a ton of work on the future script instead. The enormous blurb that is Volume 2 is all done, we just have to go through it and make corrections. We also managed to sort out the mess we had made of Volume 3, now we just need to write it.
*Sigh* It’s hard being character writers – Characters are like unruly children who won’t always do what you had originally intended for them to do. But it feels all the much better when all the pieces come together in the end :)


I usually run mine about 900X1238, I think your art would definitely benefit from slightly larger pages! They’re so gorgeous anyway.

I love how she got the last laugh as it were, by taking down the vampire.

Well maybe not that big, they should just feel like the same size as they are in print. I’m thinking more like making them 100px wider (that’s all that’ll fit into the current website design anyway, haha).

What size are they running now? I love details so if they were that big I’d be all kinds of giddy!

In your face 3-dragons-guy, litteraly.
when do we get a new ask the cast because i got some questions for the cyclops-without-depth-in-vision that we don’t know the name of :P
Great job as allways, wish you could update everyday :D

Pff, I haven’t even finished the last round :'( I think I’m missing one or two.
The whole incentive thing is kind of put on hold at the moment, I haven’t had time to spare for it.
But who knows, maybe I’ll make another round sometime.

Aww, and thanks :)

Long-time reader, first time comment!

Hahah, I totally support Coral Girl and Cyclops as a couple, now :P They both have fantastic designs and I love how they work together~

About the comic size, I think it’d be good if it was a little bit bigger (:

Having seen the stream and bigger pictures, I can honestly say that there is a lot of lovely details that’s just to small to be seen in this resolution.

New reader would like to say Hell Yes to the bigger pages. :3 You do such beautifully precise thin lines that they’ve got eaten by the small size of late.
Anyway, really enjoying this! :D I can’t believe it took me so long to take it out of my Must-Read list into my Reading list, but here it is. Now I can grab the RSS!

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