Rebound page 8

June 29, 2009

Time for a change of scenery and a preachy history lesson. In the spirit of this I have a Kimeran race chart for you today if you vote :)

You might not notice it because the first pages are so dark, but the lineart is going to look slightly different and slightly prettier from here on out. I did the lineart for the first seven pages in Photoshop which for some reason has a problem with my Wacom tablet that makes it practically impossible to draw a line that’s not shaky and jagged. Then by chance I rediscovered Paint Tool SAI and its amazing lineart possibilities and I did a happy dance.
Then I thought about how much time I had wasted trying to outline in Photoshop and was pissed off about it for two weeks afterwards XD

Ooh, and June’s almost over! That means we’ve been running Rebound for a month now :)
As you may or may not have noticed I have added B.I.B.L.E. to a bunch of webcomic sites and thrown some links to it out there in the sidebar. If you’re using any of these sites to keep in touch with the webcomics you’re reading you can find us there too.
Anyway, thanks to all of you who have voted, commented or thrown us a link so far, we really appreciate it.


Now this is different … I take it the five characters from the first few pages are the “half-breeds ” being discussed here?

Also, I’m guessing that those 5 characters assassinated the person in the bottom panel?

One last question: In the first speech bubble in panel 1, he mentions the history of the land. Is it “Kimera” or “Kwera”? (I can’t tell.)

Pretty sure it’s Kimera, the W’s are shaped a little differently than the M’s, but it takes a little bit of gawking to notice. At least I think it’s an M. And this is where Gitte proves me wrong! XP

Well then, that was certainly a page suffering from wall-o-text syndrom, but still, you gotta get all that backstory exposition across somehow. And I guess a funeral is probably a better place to do it, as it gives a chance for a character to witter on about something which allows the reader to be enlightened. Oh, and then the afore-said witterer can give ‘temporary depression induced insanity’ as a reason as to why he managed to neatly break the fourth wall and recount basic primary school history in a 1 minute sound bite.

In other news: I really don’t think the whole “pray really , really, REALLY hard ” thing is going to do them much favours when the demons break down the door to their church and start eating their faces! Unless the church is where the elves break out the shotguns in case of demonic invasion. Man that would be sweet.
And also: Yay! Talk about different drawing software! Okay, I’ll be the first to say that I prefer hand drawing to computer drawing, but that’s just because I stink with tablets. But thats by the by as I’m more of a story kinda guy myself anyway. ….I was going to write something else here but I got distracted by the thought of tablet… Oh well, food based memory loss, woohoo! =P

Yes, wall of text. This was the better evil as opposed to letting some random elves have a really fake conversation about their planet’s history which they would both know perfectly well :P My attitude towards boring, but somewhat crucial background info will always be to get it over with quickly, so there, have a page full of text. Now there won’t be anymore almost-fourth-wall-breaking for the rest of this story (not as far as I can tell at the moment anyway).
Oh, and I do all of my comic sketches in pencil on paper, ye old fashioned way. It’s just the lineart I do digitally beacause it’s easier and has an undo button.

To be fair, the speaker isn’t genuinely breaking the fourth wall. It only seems that way if you leave out the third panel, which makes him sound somewhat like a fundie. … not that this would be a bad thing; it would give this world a rather unique flavor.

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