Rebound page 80

October 4, 2010

Everyone seemed to agree that the pages were too small, so I went through the archives and sized them up a good bit. It looks like it’s enough to get rid of the compression issues I’d have sometimes with small details, so good decision there, peeps :P


In the last panel, Virtus looks almost … human.

Who’s the big sin fighting alongside Virtus? So far, the only bad guys that have summoned more than shadow-dragons are the sins (IIRC).

He’s not a sin, he’s another soul vampire. Except Wrath flying around over everyones’ heads we have only seen vampires, and their magic tradition spans over lightning- and fire magic as well.

I really like panel 2 and 5… Though I still think that panel 5 will haunt you. :p

Oh my god, maybe this is why I’m so tired. I’m being haunted D:

Holy Smokes.
We better call Raphael :P he’s like the total coolest Arch Angel in the short story

Exorcism sessions with Raphael? That would be… interesting.

Can I pick Michael then?

You need exorcism? Are the panels haunting you too?

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