Rebound page 81

October 11, 2010

A subtle lesson in the pseudo physics of magic in the B.I.B.L.E.-verse.


…do only generals like Balthazar get fiery-stabey things?

Only Balthazars get fiery-stabby things :P
No, enchanted items are very rare, especially within Heaven, so he’s just lucky to have that sword. It was passed on to him, it’s supposedly an old heirloom of sorts.

So, is Bal defending against the vampire’s flames with his sword of (stronger) flames? Or is it that the sword is able to manipulate flames, thus drawing them in an inconsequential direction or otherwise making the flames harmless?

A lesson in our pseudo-physics continued:

Pretty much all magic in this universe works by manipulating energy from the surroundings in one way or another. When casting fire magic the user draws energy to an area and concentrates it. Balthazar’s enchanted sword does the exact same thing: Drawing in energy to light up its immediate surroundings. When presented with a huge ball of energy that has already been compressed in that right way it will simply absorb it because it’s more easily accessible.
That way the sword just has to ‘cut’ through the fire to make it follow its own ‘energy field’ rather than continuing in the direction the caster sent it (the further away from him it is the more impossible it is for him to control it).

So yes, the sword manipulates flames :)

So why are enchanted items ESPECIALLY rare in Heaven?

The same reason why you don’t see the angels using magic – It’s banned. Destructive magic, anyway, Heaven kind of has double standards on the subject. Like we have already seen the vampires be proof of magic just has too many awful side effects.

So that’s how its done. So is there going to be a story just for balthazar?

What do you mean, like a background story? He has an extensive background story that will be touched upon here and there, but not in the form of any flashbacks or anything like that, if that’s what you’re thinking.

I want to know the shark dude’s name. He is truly awesome. But we can do better. Now we need a picture of him riding Dagre from the Meek with an electric guitar.

His name is Louis. Haha, and before anyone else asks: Salamander/seahorse girl is Monique and the mouse is Matthew. It has been mentioned on an earlier page, although not in direct relation to these characters.

Also, Louis riding Dagre? I don’t think that would end well.

Yes that’s what I was thinking and oh darn I was hoping for something like that, but what ever works. Hahaha

Best part of life when u’re tired of school.
also new page 2morowz.
This just keeps getting better

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