Rebound page 82

October 18, 2010

Realizing you’re the only one left against five armed angels, it can’t be fun.


Me thinks we may have a traitor…or someone that lost all hope of summoning forth a greater demon of the nega realm in order to help turn the tide of the war and to help destroy mankind and the world……
Or maybe he’s just waiting to die… right.

I’m positvely, absolutely completely certain that at no point in the next few comics that our finely fashionable purple friend over there will do anything which might negatively effect his getting stabbed in the face. For that would be foolish, obviously.

Also: poor horrible demonic evil types, they only wanted to bring this world to its knees, before plunging it into darkness forever. Is that so much to ask? :,<

It’s ironic, that Rex is just sitting by watching Virtus fight (and possibly die) against angels, immediately after Virtus just stood there and watched the heavyset vampire be killed by angels.

I wonder if the sacrifice was completed, and Rex is just sitting around and waiting for the sin to show up. Alternatively, maybe the summoning on Page 59 was just a lure, because they need to offer more individuals as a sacrifice …

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