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October 25, 2010

Baw, I’m going to miss you, Virtus. Hope Hell won’t be too hard on you.


early update
Poor virtus, just as he started to have the thoughts of rebel. Well i think Lucifer will be as cruel as ever.
oh yea, what happens when an angel die? do they return to heaven and get a chance to fight again or do they perish or return as normal beings in heaven?

I bet Vitus was the world weary master to some apprentice vampire, and now that apprentice, who was just about to be promoted to master, has to go on a quest to avenge his master. Along the way he will meet several other people who he embraces, they become friends, and embark along with him.

Oh, I almost forgot, he will have to find a girl, who turns out to be his long lost twin sister, but they don’t know that, and she kisses him, to spite her real love interest, and things will be very awkward between them, when they realise they’re family. Ooh, this spin-off’s gonna be the next big thing! :D

The look on Bathazar’s face in the third panel is just….priceless. These are the reasons I love Balthazar.

This comic is fantastic! I absolutely love the characters! the main angel alligator guy is so cool! his character design is so original!

So are all those demonic lieutenants just powerful vampire elves? Also with so many wars on so many planets you would expect that the angels would recruit a bigger amount of battleproven soldiers and that their leaders would be some of the most badass goodsoul warriors in existence.

Yup, they are all just vampires.
And yes, the soldiers should be a lot more competent. If you think they are ridiculously pathetic that is very intentional :)

Now we must remember that Bal got the best troops of his squad and that Opal got the Nebirus (is that spelled right) and the bad soldiers. And i say that Ennet (the cyclops) isn’t looking pathetic. o) <– Ennet smiley

But even the bad soldiers should be battleproven. I mean if on thousands of planets wars are happening and in addition to that all kinds of people are dieing from normal causes, you would expect the holy recruiters to only accept the experienced fellows, especially if dieing again means eternal oblivion. Additional to that, what impression does it make on the pious if “The heavens are sending an army of angels to our aid” is synonymous to “A bunch of weird people come to to take over the battle and if those poor lads die they do not get rewarded as we would, but yeah, at least they can fly”

OK, I just noticed I’m coming over like a douche. Don’t get me wrong, I like your comic, and I can handle it when logic takes a step back for the case of storytelling, but it’s hard for me sometimes to just be quiet and I like to whine about the irrationalities during this phase of transition.
For all I know this all may be on purpose to show what douchebags the leaders of heaven can be.

No I don’t think you’re coming of as a douche. Being critical isn’t the same as being a douche :)

I can’t say a lot about this, but just know that it is a big point in the story that these soldiers are hopeless and that all the ‘cool kids’ are out elsewhere fighting battles that seem more important.

Also know, however, that this is a very low-power, low-magic universe and there are no totally awsome superpowered warlords anywhere. Not among the angels anyway. Most everyone are just people, and people make mistakes and people die kind of easily, soldiers or not :/

I didn’t mean superpowered people. more like just thinking how many non-people that have fought in a war have died on 1 just planet (Earth for instance) in the middle ages. Multiply that times the planets that have races as crazy as humans (looking at both the amount of different angels and their attitude it seems there are many). You should have a huge army of soldiers that know what they are doing.
…At least if there are not plentygruesome demonwars going on all over the universe killing angels by the billions, or the criteria to become an angel are very very strict.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Virtus nooooo!!!! :*( I hate it when the cool anti-villains (or anti-heroes) get killed off before doing anything. … maybe he’ll be around in flashbacks that show why Rex wanted him out of the way?

And Bal’s right eye is missing, while Rex’s left eye is (presumably) missing … connection there?

So I just found this comic yesterday and it’s pretty neat (pity you don’t update more often and have such short archives… I prefer to find awesome comics years into production so the initial reading actually takes a day or two :/).

Anyway, just wondering something that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned yet…. if a species with wings dies, what happens? Do they get another set of wings? Do their current set of wings become their angel wings and are instantly bleached due to non-general status? Don’t tell me they don’t exist, cause I saw one at the funeral of that elf spy!

Also, you said the high ranking angels have reddish or orange-y wings, but what about hing ranking angels under Gabriel or Raphael? The halos color code correspondingly (I’m guessing angels on the council would have blue halos), do the wings also do so?

Oh right, almost forgot…. Hellboy Jr. had horns, but apparently didn’t always. Is this specific to vampires due to pulling sin out of things with magic and getting corrupted as a side effect (aka, somehow turning into a demon) or is this a more fable-esque system where good and evil actions make you look more like a devil or angel?

Lots of questions, let’s see:

– Creatures with wings out their back will have their natural wings morph into angel wings.

– There are 6 types of sepcial wing sets – One for the highest rank in each of the four ‘halo classes’, one for a special brand of angels called seraphim and one for fallen angels.

– Horns on the vampires I guess you can compare to a genetic thing. Just like you’ve figured yourself absorbing sin isn’t very healthy and will bring their demon heritage out – Except it generally goes horribly wrong and causes mutations as well.
Also, using magic in itself have side effects on all creatures that aren’t human or have human heritage, but that’s a bit complicated and not something I’ll say alot about here.

Oh thats another thing that I wanted to ask you. You have mentioned that humans are powerful magicians before, but actually it was more that someone asked you why there are no awesome magi using humans in the army, and you kind of confirmed that they are, just not so many. Did you mention something about humans before or was it just a random lucky shot by the asker?
Also I really want to see how our earth looks in this universe, and what’s different there from how it is here.

There’s a short creation story for the universe you can find under ‘Comic’ in the menu. It mentions a few things about humans.

You won’t get to see Earth in this comic, so I might as well tell you there’s no difference between our universe’s Earth and real life Earth.

i guess that the univers is the same but that (and we still don’t know if it’s true or not) is other highly inteligent races in the universe. Bal’s home planet could be light years away from earth
><'.' <– a fish creature looking out on you

I just LOVE this comic!

The art is awesome and the epic smile on the third panel. Priceless! Another thing you can do with MasterCard!

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