Rebound page 84

November 1, 2010

This page took a long time to colour. Mostly because I had to fiddle around with contrast forever and tried to recreate a heat distortion effect. I don’t know how well I succeeded.

In other news I have updated the gallery a little bit (rest of the Ask the Cast and some lovely fanarts are up).

I also want to ask your thoughts on whether we should make a wiki for the comic?

Would you want to read it? If so, what for? – To find out more about the B.I.B.L.E.-verse; to catch up on what’s happened in the story so far; something else?
Would you want to help update it?

A lot of you seem to be interested in world building stuff and always ask a lot of questions. I think that’s great, but comments are not a very good archive for that sort of thing.
I’m just putting out these questions because I want to see if there’s an interest. I was reminded that it might be a good idea to make a wiki, and it’s something Maia and I have talked about before.

(In other other news, psst, Maia got engaged to her boyfriend last week :3 You should send her your congratulations.)


I would definitely read the wiki, it would be a tad useful for those that just drop in and start reading the comic without reading anything else. :D

I would love to read the wiki. I’d mostly read the articles about, yes, world building :). How does it whole work, how did it start, what really are angels and devils for, what do they all do, what places are there in the world. Things like that :). As a second choice I’d read about the characters, but not as much. I like to get to know the characters through the story itself rather than through wikias. It does would be awesome to know why do all angels look so different.

I wonder from where Bal know Rex and the other way around.
did u say Maia get engaged last week. My congratulations
Oh yea and the idea with the wki sounds like a great idea. (Then u could choose to let us update it.)

oh yea, i’ve tried and tried but i can recreate Bal’s facial expression as a smiley. I’m sorry (nah just kidding)

*gaaaaasps* Happy engagementatude Mizz Maia! 8D

And I probably wouln’t read a wiki due to lack of time, but it might be useful to new readers who want to know all the backstory but don’t want to slog through a super mega huge archive (which this has a potential to have)

That’s all I got beyond: “What in the blazes is this amazing new facial expression Bally has pulled?” It boggles the miiiiind! And I just realised: good work making what is essentially a lizard have a face that shows emotions. It’s more difficult than it looks =P

Oh wow, that was a twist I wasn’t expecting. These two know each other? Oh crap is going to hit the fan hard this chapter I can see it coming.

And I sure get the impression that he is stalling long enough for the Bear Demon to gain his full form…

If you make a Wiki, I’d definitively advice you to fill it with the stuff that you won’t easily find in the normal comic.
Such as world building stuff (society, different species, cultures and so on) or detailed character information. Also character info/names on minor characters that are too insignificant to fit into the cast page.

Chapter summaries might be useful, but you don’t need a wiki to create those. ;)


And yes, I would love to read a Wiki about BIBLE-vers, how the this world works, different species living there etc…
Keep up the good work :3

I would love to see a wiki for this comic. Not only would we understand the world and the lore better, but also maybe character bios and vitals on the species?

It would be cool if we could learn about society, religion, rituals…. I only recently discovered this comic, but I enjoy reading it a lot so far :D

I’m really curious about Rex.
Also you don’t need to write everything in the wiki as long as you allow other people to write in it too. Just make the start, set up some rules and keep the admin rights and much of the stuff that you may think is trivial will be added by interested fans, which will scavenge all your posts for any cannon info they can find.

YAY! I finally finished the archieves :D.
But now I have to wait a week to see what happens with Bal :( not so yay.
But at least I won’t miss any of the awesome inecectives :D YAY again!
PS:Comic is awesome and keep up the good work ;).

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