Rebound page 85

November 8, 2010

Whew, I’m pretty tired and can barely remember what I wanted to say.

Thanks for your feedback about wiki stuff. Like I thought it seems like something a good deal of you have an interest in, so looks like we’ll end up making one.
Yeah, I’ll get back to you about it once we’ve actually put some articles together to publish and whatnot.


From panels 3 and 5, it seems that the sin is on Bal’s right side, so he can’t see it (clearly) … is that a metaphor for something in the past, where Bal turned a blind eye to Rex’s sins? (Asking because it seems like that is a possibility)

Nah, I think you’re overthinking things a bit. We don’t really operate with that level of symbolism, but if that’s what this page makes you think I’m not gonna stop you either ;)

it looks like he’s looking upwards in panel 4. i think he’s a bit nervours about Wrath floating around trying to materilalize

There’s surprisingly few comments
What happened to the others?
Did Wrath eat them?
Find the answers inside the next 28 hours of B.I.B.L.E.

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