Rebound page 87

November 22, 2010

It annoys me that I had to split this and the next page’s dialogue up. Oh well, Rex is of course being sarcastic. Like he always is.

You know that wiki I said we’d start? Yup, we’re officially launching it today :D It has been dubbed the Biblepedia.
For future reference I’ve put a link up at the About page.

We’re trying to keep the wiki free of story spoilers, but there’s supposedly going to be a lot of info about the universe and stuff that haven’t been mentioned in the comic yet or never will be mentioned. If you’re the kind of person that want world info from the comic and nowhere else I wouldn’t recommend you to read, but otherwise, knock yourself out.

There are only a few articles with a noteworthy amount of content so far and a distinctive lack of pictures. It also seems we’ve made some kind of unconscious decision to start by fleshing out all the articles that are probably not the first thing you’d look for, ha ha.
But but, a wiki is an eternal work in process so we might as well release it sooner than later.

You are very welcome to come over and help us out with the writing if you’re into that sort of thing. You are also welcome to request things we should get off our asses and write about, just do it at the wiki so it’s all gathered there.
Note that if you want to edit or create articles we want you to make a Wikia account and log in, though. Really don’t want to deal with more spam than necessary.


So vampires turn to ashes when they die? (If so, that makes sense.) And it seems that Rex is the only one left at this point?

Huzzah for a wiki! *signs up* … I suppose all wiki-related discussion should belong over there, not here?

Is Rex a former-human former-angel that has horns as a result of turning evil?

I guess Balthazar came with horns included from the get-go.

So if someone already has horns and goes bad do they get an extra set? :-)

I realize I’m bout a year late from what’s going on here or since anyone else left a comment. I’ve always wanted to be apart of a comic like this I think its great. N I have a lot to contribute trust me. Yet I have no idea what the crap a wiki is, sue me..

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