Rebound page 88

November 29, 2010

Edit 5/12 2010:
Comic’s going to be late this week, guys. I’m too busy with school stuff.
I don’t know when it’ll be up, but you can keep an eye on my Twitter for updates.


Jeez, what’s his problem?

I fail majorly at making comics at the moment. I am art blocked and have no motivation for anything. November/December are stressful months for me this year. You’ll have to excuse me if it interferes with the comic.


Well it doesn’t interfere with your art on this page. The guy is definitely one for cracking jokes during such an upheaval isn’t he?

Have a good holiday season, you’re not the only one feeling the pinch this time of year…there are many I know feeling exactly the same way.

“He’s dead Jim”

They might need a spatula to scrape the elf out of the circle.

Well, if he’s alive, he ain’t happy.

hmm. i can’t believe it. SNOW IN NOVEMBER. snow is something meant for january or late december, not november.
Still i like it, and my BIBLE forecast was true
Good job making the big lizard expressing feelings even if it were drawn a month or so ago

i know how you feel D:

I think imma haf to become part of Rex fanclub tho, i like that guy. I wanna know what his problem is D:

when will volume 1 be finished?
and what will volume 2 be about?
or is that too much of a spolier to answer

Eheh, yes, that would be quite the spoiler if I told you, wouldn’t it. But it’s a continuous story, so volume 2 will pick up where volume 1 left off; I can tell you that much.

If I remember correctly I calculated volume 1 to end up being about 115 pages long.

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