Rebound page 9

July 3, 2009

Haha, I nearly killed Maia when I made her flat colour this page. Big, random crowds are not fun to colour.
If you vote you can see a close-up of the busy first panel of this page.

And if it isn’t our main characters making their first appearance! Maybe things are not looking as hopeful as the priest appears to think…


“And how many wounded?”

This page just ramped up the conflict sharply. As in, almost 90 degrees.

Do most of the elves think so highly of the angels? What do the angels think of the elves? And what do the angels think of themselves? (… and while I’m at it, what do the elves think of themselves? Or do we not want to know?)

One more thing: I keep noticing that my replies are being shortened by cutting out the blank lines. … I really don’t want to keep making walls-of-text, so does anyone know how to make separate paragraphs?

Wow, that’s a lot of questions XD They’ll all be answered to some degree, just wait :)
I’m sorry, but I don’t know a solution to the paragraph thing. I have wondered about it myself, actually. I’ll ask around and see if I can find an answer. I’ll pass it to you if I find out ;)

Is that blonde elf in the busy-crowd panel running with his finger raised like he has a question (like, i just got here… anyone gonna help me out?) the deceased elf on the prior page? Just curious you know… XD

Cant wait to see more of the main characters!

Hmm… the fact that heaven were so wonderfully kind as to send the angel of what seems to be a worm with arms, a bunny girl and what looks like a chocobo from Final Fantasy should really, reall not inspire the elf types, I mean, contrary to popular belief, giant chickens ain’t the best of fighters dontcha know?

And when you say main characters are you talking about the dude who looks like a cat-centaur? Man, that would be sweet. Anyhoo, more pages to comment on, tallyho!

I never thougt about the Legion of Heaven as random-people-with-diferentley-coloured-halos O___O.I’m so uncreative T_T.lso this would be a good point to comment “OMFG THE CONFLICT ESCALATES” but it would make me sound stupid(er).Keep up the good work ^^.

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