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December 20, 2010

Yaay, success! It’s still Monday as I’m uploading this.

Holy god, this month. This month has been awful. I’ve been working on an exam project pretty much all of my time. I’ve been tired out, stressed out and I’m broke off my ass too. Project’s done and turned in by now and I’m on my Christmas break, but you haven’t seen the last of my sporadic updates.
My game plan is to cancel next week’s update and in turn get back on the regular schedule by January. I’m not gonna be home much anyway.

So, all there’s left to say is happy holidays and get well into the new year :)


Finals are done, huzzah XD !!! Winter depression, boo DX !!!

Man, the angels must have taken some pretty serious losses. Have they never seen anything like the shadow-dragons before? Judging by their generally casual dress and their gossiping, I’m guessing they weren’t much of warriors to begin with (especially Nicholas) ? … Maaaaaybe sending the cherubim would’ve been a better plan in the first place?

Oh, and also: I hope things pick up for you soon! Enjoy wherever you’re going, and come back partied-out and in one piece!

So, the prediction of bad news didn’t meet the reality. Happy Holidays and see you in January! :)

i only said some kind of news. besides “alot dead… and injured… and…” is taken as bad news.
tounge out of the mouth huffing for air, where have i seen that before… oh yea my golden retriever Lulu. also i love Bal in the last frame.

Just want to let you know how much I really enjoy B.I.B.L.E. very beautifully drawn, great characters and a great story. I’m not into religeous theams, but I do enjoy this a lot. Have a great holiday. And thanks for your work on this really terrific comic., would love to see it published if ever possible.

I’m also glad that there is no filter in the way these characters express themselves. Makes it a lot more realistic. Tote

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