Rebound page 91

January 3, 2011

Balthazar knows not to feed the trolls.

Hey, here we are again, with an early update no less. It just turned Monday here.
And it’s 2011! Hope you had a nice holiday. I know I did :)

Thiis will be the year we round a 100 pages and finish Rebound volume 1. Oh boy, oh boy am I looking forward to that.


I thought he was taking it all really really well…

I can see his point, but isn’t sitting idle kinda giving the demon bear more time to manifest?

The look on Nicholas’ face seems familiar..

@Darwin, I think that’s why Balthazar climbed the fallen pillar out there

yay updates going again.
@draco blair, you’re onto it. he’s going to climb to the centre, get the kid out and send Nicholas out to get opal and the others. then they’re gonna torture Rex until he tells how to stop Wrath but ofcorz he lied etc etc.

Waaah! To much information! My bet is that Rex will spill the beans and then just leave via some devilish means. Weird, but I like the guy :P

Happy new year! Woo! Gitte & Maia are off to a good start, as is Balthazar with his apparent New Year’s Resolution to act gracefully under pressure.

Now if only he would hurry the hell up and kill Wrath!

@ Draco Blair: Rex? Naah, he’s way to cool to just spill the beans. I’d say his relaxed demeanor says that he has everything under control, even if the brown stuff hits the whirly thing, he’s the type to have a back up plan.

Yes! Just ignore him! Take as long as you need as I keep reading!

LOVE THE COMIC, LOVE THE STORY. Deffinatly gonna follow this.

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