Rebound page 92

January 10, 2011

Now is probably not the time to throw an old man rant, Balthazar.


Timberrrr… and the pillar falls on Rex’s head killing him instantly. Nicholas becomes a hero and is promoted to General. Game over, man! :-p

there’s 4 meters to the middle of the rune altar. the collums is 5 meters tall. 5 + sword = crack. crack + collum + 4 = boy in the middle gets mashed.

What did you say Balthazar ?I didn’t hear it clearly,could you repeat it :D?(swinging swords can solve ANYTHING).

Just started reading your comic, and I just looooove it! Cant wait for the next page to come!
It just got even better when I realized you were from Denmark. Im reading a lot of web comics, but they are all from England or USA. Keep the good stuff coming ;)
Xoxo from Norway :)

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