Rebound page 93

January 17, 2011

Oh man, how is the kid even alive at this point?
Eughh, it always makes me a bit sad when I have to colour in all his burns because I have to look up refference. Lots of bomb victims and shit, not very fun.

Lava barf on the other hand, lave barf makes me very happy.


Wait.. You can find refference pictures on Lava Barf?

Haha, if I could I guess it would just be more burn victims, eh?

Hehehe! I sincerely hope not.

Yet, I am reminded of an early medieval form of penalty, often exacted on smiths (or their apprentices if the smith wasn’t to be found) where they poured molten metal into their mouths. That might be a refference picture for Lava barf. :p

Oooh yes, true, but I dare say fortunately they didn’t have cameras around. Medieval folk and their unhealthy interest in creative torture methods, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Indeed, we should all be glad that this “art” has not been recorded in other than words.

Speaking of art, I gotta take my hat off, on the shadow/lighting on this page. Well done.

the kid is wraths “life” force at the moment. kill the kid, wrath dies. kill wrath somehow, the kid dies. chop down the pillars they both die, the boy from pain wrath from coughing up too much lava. conclusion: to burp lava too much is fatal for giant demon bears. O.- <– Bal in 4th frame.
;..; random smiley

Ah, yes. Rule number one when dealing with arcane rituals, especially involving daemons: NEVER, EVER harm the ritual circle. This usually leads to unexpected and possibly even more devestating results then what the ritual was originally for.
And of course, the second rule is, never teatch the party n00b the first rule ;)

Other then that, SOMEONE is going to have one Hell of a day…now, wait…

Wait a sec, did Nicholas break all of the pillars or just the one? I thought he only broke one but then it looked like Balthazar was in front of some broken ones…

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