Rebound page 94

January 24, 2011

Huh, as opposed to most of you guys Balthazar seems to think lava barf is an improvement of the situation.

It’s really fun for me to read your speculations on what’s going to happen because way back when we wrote this scene Maia just sort of game mastered me through it while I wrote most of the characters and had no idea what would happen either.
Behold our strange, RPG’ish ways of writing, haha.


I wouldn’t want to be the woolfy-type soldier with Rex walking my direction, hands at his sword. Really, I don’t think that’s a good situation to be in.

Rex vs the whole squad – even if he slays a few, the rest will eventually crack the pillars.

Or Balthy may be wrong and they all die

You choose

heh “ritual sacrifice” does NOT imply the poor sap in the pentagram need die and rather is there to be protected. The question is…whose sacrifice will gain the control of ol’ lava puke.

Gentlemen, we may or may not have a problem.
Either way, we’re out of donuts.

w8 what problem? 0.o

The cupcakes ofcourse.
Why do you think we’re out of donuts in the first place?

Also, there’s a giant bear that barfs lava outside our invisible lounge from which we observe and commentate whatever happens outside, and before it a bunch of angels in the forms of awesometastic animal-humans ownaged some people with serious skin cancer.
Not to mention that these angels have color-coded halos.
At this rate we will deplete the world of awesomeness within years!

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