Rebound page 97

February 14, 2011

Updating early because I can.

Bluuurh, I’ve been struck down with some kind of multi phased flu from hell and have currently been sick and bedridden for an entire week. I really hope this is at the end of its rope, because I am bored to death and have a lot of stuff I wanted to do.

I’ve updated the website a little bit tonight and there’s a couple of new things in the fanart gallery you can check out :}
I think I’ll try and write a few things for the wiki too before my skewed sleep schedule allows me to go to sleep. That thing has really been neglected.


i gotta say i love bals small side teeth and the fact that he has 4 ears
ennet is a monkey-cyclops. just look at his hand like feet and long fingers/toes. a monclops

Rex telling him that? That seems waaay to easy.. Just handing the solution on a gold platter, I don’t know man… Seems fishy.

Hope you get well soon. And great to hear that you’re still able to function, at least a little bit.

I wonder if this means Rex isn’t the main antagonist, that someone else is running the show …

in the end it’s Lucifer running all the devilish businesses. After all she is the Queen of evil, the Empress of Hell and the Fallen. A lot of tittles always ends up being bad.

Then the battle will soon be over and the plot will thicken. I say the angels did pretty good. I didn’t see too many losses. Unless One-eye takes the fall..

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