Rebound page 98

February 21, 2011

That’s one pillar down.

News tieemm:
I contributed a card (Nine of Swords) to the Webcomics Tarot project. I really wanted to draw a Lucifer as The Devil, but alas, someone else snatched that card and so I drew an uncharacteristically sad looking Balthazar instead :P
This is such a cool idea though. I love tarot cards even if I don’t believe in the fortune telling mumbo jumbo :}

There’s also another lovely piece of fanart up in the gallery.


As my dad always says, the old wizard always has to die.
But then again Balthazar is not really a wizard… So i’d say he’s got fifty-fifty.

Cheap shot, that’s his blind side. You would think Rex would sympathize with something like that. Oh well.

I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend in this comic: almost every surprise attack fails. The angels’ training is clearly lacking. I mean really, yelling during a sneak attack, not stepping far enough into your attack. Sloppy work guys, you’ll never defeat the unending hordes of hell at this rate!

How come the healers can’t use a divine power to put anyone back to full health, I thought angels had abilities like what “dende” does in the cartoon ‘dragonball z’. Otherwise even a regular human could simply bandage someone

Yeah, healer angels really aren’t that much better than bandages and other medical procedures, you’re right about that. Their strength is that they’re faster and can heal even internal damage. Say you have a punctured lung, a healer angel can patch that up pretty fast. Without them you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, not imediately anyway. Same with big, heavily bleeding wounds. They might kill you when you’re out on the battlefield, bleeding all over everything, but a healer angel can stop the bleeding.

As for why the magic isn’t stronger – That’s just the way magic works in this universe. It’s hard to learn, hard to control and typically not that effective. Especially non-destructive magic, like healing.

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