Rebound page 99

February 27, 2011

Guess those horns are useful after all :I

I’m going to put this up now since I don’t really know when I’m going to get home tomorrow anyway. Somehow managed to colour this despite the fact that I’m so tired right now I’m seeing double. Whoops, off to bed.


You know, in many games the angels are verry powerful creatures, and often mighty warriors. But rely most of these ones are getting they’re ass whooped by vampires, i can’t imagine how they would do against real demons

that might look risky for shark guy but it’s relativly sure becoz’ Rex can’t get a swing in that can break through shark guys tough looking skin

Must agree that horns are usefull. lets just hope that they dont take Louis down too ._.

the page is looking good too.

Yeah, the general colour scheme is getting warmer and warmer, it does sorta glow now.

Vewy pwetty, indeed. I’m just afraid that it means that demon bear is getting closer and lava barfing up the place… Speaking of, where does all that lava barf go?

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