Rebound, volume 2 cover

September 11, 2011

We’re baaack! I’m so exited to get started on this volume :D I feel like we’ve just been working on a prologue for the last two years and now we’re finally getting to the real story.. which is.. kind of what has happened, haha.

Here’s the cover with a character we haven’t met yet. Her name is Lana and she’ll pop up in the story soon enough.
I’ll be back tomorrow with the first actual page of this volume and then we’re back on the regular Monday schedule.


YEAH , back from the oblivion , time to see guys , modern cloths and all the madness from the modern time

hope baltazar get his hands on a shotgun or autogun xD

I saw this over on DA and it is still astounding! Such lovely play of light and shadow across the character and the backgrounds! Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what’s coming myself!

Infinite hurrays for the new chapter,and you guys hwo created this awesomeness :D.Also:who might this white haired woman be?

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