Rebound Volume 4 script

October 4, 2017

That’s it, we’ve reached the end:


What did you all think? Did things turn out as you expected? Who did you care about the most? Did I do an okay job on the writing despite the odd script format?

Anyway, thanks for reading! I’m glad I’ve been able to finish this, even if it isn’t quite in the way I had planned.


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I expected things to go entirely different, not sure in what direction, but this is good too! I felt bad for Lance since Nicole decided to keep in contact. I think around the part where she took him to lunch? Anyway, it just got worse after that. What a mess. Poor Lance. Poor Nicole too. All she wanted to do was help. You two weren’t kidding around with Lana being scary. She scary. At least she got some sort of reconciliation with Heaven. Still a scary woman.

And a planet ripped to shreds and brought into Wrath’s circle? From what I understand in previous conversations this is what happened to Opal’s world also. How does that happen? Does it just…disappear and absorb into Wrath’s domain? What happens to the inhabitants? So many questions, man. Sorry if it was explained elsewhere. I can’t seem to find it from previous comments.

Overall, despite being a script for the remaining story, it was a great read. I enjoyed them and made me look forward to Wednesdays. Now I have to go back and reread it all at a slower pace to absorb the content better.

Yeahh, Nicole and Lance’s whole plotline is just a trainwreck happening in slow-motion.

Opal’s homeworld is fine actually, but her species is extinct – They shared that world with another souled species that slowly eradicated them.

Anyway, I left the whole merging dimensions thing vague on purpose since it’s hard to explain and I’m not 100% sure how it works either. All these layered realities kind of break both logic and physics.

The way I think about it, the planet that’s ripped to shreds, so to speak, just weaves into the dimension that is Wrath’s Circle. So I guess if you flew by that planet in a spaceship, it would still be there, but if you landed on it, it’d be so unstable that you’d end up randomly swapping between the planet itself and Wrath and also Wrath would gradually seep into the planet through the torn up barrier and transform it into something more Wrath-like.
But again, the physics are weird and broken and the planet wouldn’t correspond with an equally large area of Wrath, there’d just be rifts here and there that can take you to any given place on the torn up planet.

In other words, it’s a huge mess and a place like that will likely be completely uninhabitable by both the local lifeforms and demons for a long time.

Well, without going into spoilers things largely went as suspected. I do like the script as a piece of writing but I would still love to see some scenes depicted, if the whimsy visits you over the years.

I feel kind of done with this thing right now, but I tend to flop back and forth between interests a lot, so chances are I’ll probably come back and draw some things at some point.

I would also like to see these as novels since graphic novel will not happen at this point. I’d certainly buy them if you did do this as a novel or novels and I’d be glad to buy in if you wanted to go the crowd-sourcing route.

It took me far too long to realize this comic was through, and now I’m sad. Good luck in future endeavors!

I finally got around to reading the scripts. I loved this story. Thank you for finishing it so we could see how it ended!

daaaaang. i remember finding this comic when i was 16 back in 09 and forgetting about past a hard drive crash in 10. come back nearly 13 years later and find that it’s dead, unfortunately. well, i guess that’s the fate of most webcomics anyways. i certainly appreciate artists who put up with doing this nearly all for free. thanks for dumping ur scripts too.

Yeah, like many webcomics the project just turned out to be too over-ambitious, but I’m glad I at least got the scripts done. Got it all out of my head that way. Thanks for dropping a comment all these years later! It’s wild how time flies.

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