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May 24, 2009

Finally it’s the 24th and I can start posting some comic pages for you! What a great day, it’s like the Christmas eve of May :D

I am still a bit stumped by the fair amount of attention we got on our empty site from me accidentally making our character avatar on Top Webcomics show up. You people are way awesome :)
I noticed we even got linked from this one site Traveler Tales – Now that’s just super awesome!

Now for some info:
This first week (from the 24th to the 31st of May) of comic launching there’ll be a new page every day of a little prologue I’d recommend that you read before our real story Rebound begins. I’ll post the cover for Rebound on the 1st of June and after that there’ll be a new page every Monday.

I know we all hate comic prologues, but guess what, we’re gonna have one anyway! Isn’t that exiting?
Ahrm, well, no, but I felt it was a necessary evil. This creation story prologue does not directly have anything to do with our actual story Rebound, but it’s an introduction to the universe in which it takes place, and if there should be someone out there not very familiar with the general Christian story lingo we’re using who’s thinking ‘wait, Lucifer, who is that again?’, then it’ll definitely tune you in on that as well.
Besides I tried to be a bit unconventional and give these creation story pages a biblical feel rather than just making them normal comic pages. Except that I suck and English is not my first language so they came out more like pages from a children’s book than from a biblical text XD

By the way, since you can’t really make it out from the text, the arch angels there are from left to right Raphael, Gabriel, Lucifer, Mikael and Uriel.

Wow, long author’s comment is long.
Please enjoy.


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