The Creation page 2

May 25, 2009

New creation story page every day of this week!

Aah, humans. Doesn’t it feel great to be one of God’s best children?

Bonus info, since Rebound won’t really touch upon humans, like, at all:
Earth aka. human world is the same as real life Earth. Anywhere outside of the particular universe in which Earth exists, humans can create stuff out of the blue and are generally pretty damn cool. Only inanimate stuff nowadays, though. Why will be explained later on.


What ho asks I? A shiny new webcomic type thing? How wonderfully yaysome! And honestly though, I don’t see how dogs aren’t god’s favourite creature, especially the giant fluffy ones! St. Bernards are they called? Eh, whatever.

Oh and by the by, about the bonus info: Oh good! Humans are simply egregiously dull aren’t they? Personally I’m hoping for the aliens from Metal Slug shall be our main characters. Or maybe…. hmm.. dunno. Although I guess I could stop trying to second guess the author and just accept that at some point there will be a glowy dragon angel thingie! YAY! =D

Yes, humans are dead boring aren’t they? God still favors them for some reason, but you know, God’s ways are past understanding.
Haha, although most of our characters are pretty standard anthro type thingies there really is no limit as to how strange creatures there are to be found. Who knows, maybe a horde of Metal Slug aliens will show up someday :P

I greatly enjoy the bat. You do not see them often–birds are always the preferred flying creature.

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