The Creation page 3

May 26, 2009

New creation story page every day of this week!

Falling stick figure angels go!
Haha, a really boring page art wise, but I had to fit all that text in.


Hang on, SHE? Well that’s a new spin on things… I didn’t know Lucifer was a girl, well we learn something new every day huh? Also, not just falling stick angels, awesome falling stick angels! Especially the one at the top left, who I can totally imagine shouting GERONIMO!

Welp, I’m done here!

Ehh. I kind of always liked Lucifer being male. Lucifer being a girl is like one of those random, one-of-a-kind changes to a classic legend.

Honestly? It reminds me of Stephenie Meyer making vampires sparkly. And thus it is in my eyes an abomination.

Lucifer will never be anything other than male to me.

Our Lucifer is not just a classic overlord of the evil forces, she has some very female characteristics personality wise. We don’t just twist things around for the sake of twisting, there’s usually a reason to do so.
Besides, if we all just clung blindly to classic legend we would bore ourselves to death.

Well to be fair, in most religions I actually read, Lucifer as all angels, were Genderless and it even became a dragon after betraying God o_Ô
But I kinda wanted our Lucifer to be a gentler creature than a Dragon, hell, I wanted it to be more gentle than a man. So I chose a woman with fair skin and golden hair.
The Lucifer in our story is no mad man who enjoys pain and corruption, but is a creature that made a pact with god, to correct those who did wrong, and show them the right way. Like a mother taking her child in hand and showing it how to go trough life as a proper being.

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