The Creation page 5

May 28, 2009

New creation story page every day of this week!

Oh yeah, Lu is the white queen of goth.


She also has the rather odd handicap of having three wings on one side, which must create merry hell when trying to fly. Or maybe that’s how she fell out of heaven in the first place, maybe she was perfectly happy to stay up there with God just because she could mooch off of him then one day… GERONIMO! Or maybe I should just shut up, huh?

And I’m liking the flow of skulls! Or is it a pillar, I guess it’s kinda hard to tell on a comic, but if it was a pillar I would totally be tempted to take one at the very bottom. Unless she cemented them in place, which sounds just like her, being pure evil and all. Or maybe she just doesn’t want her home destroyed. Meh, whatever!

Hey, this has gotten off to a nice start!

What’s with the three wings on one side, none on the other? Is that symbolic of something? (If so, what?)

Thanks alot :)
No it was merely a stylistic choise to leave her left wings out because they killed the balance of the picture and I didn’t want to cut the wings off at the frame.

Yeah, I was wondering if there was any symbolism in particular with her losing three of her wings.
Also, I love the candles and the bones supporting the skulls that are the armrest for the chair. Something about the way they’re arranged makes the chair seem sleeker and less bulky.

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