The Creation page 7

May 30, 2009

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You know, Lilith is the real bad guy of this Hell business.


See, now if I had hair like that, I would probably try to do, y’know, something about it. Maybe a hair cut every once in a while, or holy water… or a flame thrower. You know, so I wouldn’t have be-tentacled demons growing out of my HEAD! Mind you, all the eyes would make you great at parties. “Hey, watch this trick. I’ll close my eyes, and you try to sneak up on me okay?” Mind you, it would give you no depth perception. LIke, at all.

wasnt lilith the first woman that god created for adam? she was sent to hell of course since god wanted her to lay with adamn but she refused, so then god created eve afterwards. atleast thats what ive heard lol

There are Many different versions of the legend of Lilith, but yes what you are mentioning is one of them.
However, that isn’t how it works in our comic univers :)

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