Main characters


An angel general with rebellious tendencies.

Balthazar has lived off warfare for all his life, even before he died. He has been an angel for a really long time and has never liked the way Heaven is being controlled by the arch angels. For many years he has tried to change and overthrow the structural system, but not with much luck. The important people of Heaven are fed up with his rebellious nature and his unwillingness to shut up and follow orders.


Balthazar's second in command lieutenant and dear friend.

Previously a healer, Opal decided she was fed up with fixing everyone else's wounds and not doing anything herself, and instead made a turn to a military career. However talented, Opal is content with having a lower rank where she feels she has more of an opportunity to help people out. She prefers to stay in the background and is usually sent on missions as Balthazar's second in command. The two of them have known each other for decades and been good friends for just as long.


The leader of the soul vampire riot.

Rex is the cruel man in charge of the half-demon vampires of Kimera who have started a war against the elves. Despite of this he seems to be more concerned with his own agenda and is supposedly more involved with Heaven than he lets on.


Lana has been Rex's wife since they were alive. They grew up together, fell in love, got married and are probably going to stay together till death do them part.

Supporting characters


Nicole is that nurse who calls the soldiers pussies while pouring surgical spirit on their mauled limbs. No really, she is quite compassionate, just sort of snarky.


One of Opal's subordinates who also happens to be Nicole's younger brother. Nicholas isn't too bright, but he's got enthusiasm enough to pass it around. That counts for something, right?


A pretty popular lieutenant - Especially with the ladies. Wherever Duncan goes the fangirls seem to follow.


Lance lived a normal life for a 16 year old vampire before he was captured by the soul eater fanatics on Kimera and burned to death as a sacrifice in a hellish ritual. He is now trying to adjust to life as an angel.




Thera is a captain in Duncan's platoon of warrior angels and also a friend of his.

Other characters

The Fallen One

She is known by many names but was once the arch angel Lucifer - the first of all beings. She was cast out of Heaven when she dared to rival and betray God, but eventually God felt sorry for her and allowed her to create Hell as a place to right wrong-doers.
One might say God made a big mistake.


One of the three arch angels who rule the heavens. Mikael is associated with the military of Heaven. Since the fall of Lucifer he has been the highest ranking of all angels, worshipped and serving as God's right hand. Mikael's word is practically law.


One of the three arch angels who rule the heavens. Gabriel is associated with the high council and execution of law and order within Heaven's borders.


One of the three arch angels who rule the heavens. Raphael is associated with the guardian angels and healers of Heaven.


Amadihn holds the title of head high councillor which makes him the highest authority in Heaven apart from the arch angels.


One of the high councillors. Marna primarily takes care of matters concerning the court of Heaven.


One of the high councillors of Heaven. She was once a general, but is now in charge of political decisions regarding the military.


The mother of the first demons.