Thank you so much for all the entries, they’re all great, but we had to choose a winner and the choice fell on this levely drawing by Heather McCully:
Balthazar and Rex, drawn by Heather McCulley
While judging we put most weight on the ideas behind the entries, and while this is pretty simple it’s also nice and clear in its simplicity and illustrates Rebound as a whole really, really well. Other than that it is well composed and we can see quite a lot of effort went into it.

We’d also like to give special credit to the runner-ups who might as well share second place since we gave points and these two came out almost even:
Balthazar and fan character Koris, drawn by Liza Lovett
First this illustration by Chris Zarate.
Again this is a picture that clearly tells a story, and it even has an original character with some thought behind it. The picture as a whole is nicely composed and has a great atmosphere. Obviously a lot of work went into this one as well.

Character design by Hope Dunlap
Second we have this character design and description by Hope Dunlap.
We liked the idea behind this species a lot, it fits nicely with the B.I.B.L.E.-verse what with the mix of fantasy and real mythology and culture. The character was also very well thought out and described. Solid work all around :D

You can see all of the entries below.


Video ad by Anthony Springer
Video ad by Anthony Springer.
Character design by Hope Dunlap
Blackwood, character design by Hope Dunlap.
Balthazar, drawn by Tatsuya
Balthazar, drawn by Tatsuya.
The Rebound cast, drawn by Liza Lovett
The Rebound cast, drawn by Liza Lovett.
Short story by Athena Hoven
Short story by Athena Hoven.
Balthazar and Rex, drawn by Heather McCulley
Balthazar and Rex, drawn by Heather McCulley.

Contest rules

To show how much we love you, our readers, and to celebrate how we’re now totally legit comic creators with ~merchandise~ we are holding a contest!
The winner will get an awesome messenger bag featuring Rebound 1 related art, along with a piece of original art of your favourite B.I.B.L.E. character made by Gitte.

How to Participate

It’s actually really simple! First you make something that’s creative and related to Rebound, The Creation or the B.I.B.L.E. universe in general in one way or another. Then you submit it to us.
We are open to just about any medium, but here are a few ideas to go from:

– Traditional or digital drawing
– Painting
– A short story
– Sculptures are welcome as well!
– Lyrics or a finished song
– Or you could make a character design!
– A comic page or two

The only real limitation is your imagination… And maybe your wallet… Aaand the time frame.
You can submit as many entries as you like – We do however recommend that you put all your effort into one piece.

How we judge

We will judge on idea, effort, and execution, in that order.
What this means is that if you, should we say, make a drawing, it will stand a better chance at the judging table if there’s a great idea behind it, than if you made a high quality pinup of one of our characters.

Who will judge

It will be the creators Gitte and Maia, along with our self-proclaimed biggest fan of all time and life saver colour monkey, also know as Maria Lund (Who btw is made of pure awesome, if anyone was wondering :P)

We have taken her into the judging team as we feel she deserves a little love after saving our asses time and time again.
We also feel that it would be more fair if someone who loves art of all shapes, but knows little of the techniques used to create it, got a vote as well.

Time frame

The contest runs from the 21st of November to the 21st of December 00:00 CET 2011.
Anything submitted after this timeframe will not be accepted as an entry.

The winner will be contacted on the 24th as a little extra Christmas present*, because you know… In Denmark we open presents on the 24th in the evening.
(*If you don’t celebrate Christmas then we simply won’t care and will shower you in presents regardless.)

How to submit

You can always send it to our mail as an attached file, or send a link if you have an online gallery/storage that you have submitted your entry to. Just remember to give us means to contact you back, so you can get the prizes, should you be the lucky winner.

Our email is:

Good luck and have fun!
~ Sincerely the B.I.B.L.E. partnership