Rebound page 163

August 1, 2014

50 years later I return with a new page. Time to see what Nicole is doing. Picking up that vampire kid apparently.

This is Justice’s circle of Heaven for the record. There’s a lot of fancy old buildings and administrative offices to be found there.


Beautiful as always! I always love how much background detail goes into a lot of these. (The serpent-like person in the first frame intrigues me)

And then I had to think of when we had a serpen person shown the last time… and I’m pretty sure that’s all the way back to page 9 of all things.

OH RIGHT, finally an update and as always terrific to look at. One question comes to mind, if you teleport anywhere, how do you prevent from hitting or landing on anyone on the arrival end?

The same way they end up where they want to go at all – They have a sense of the space around them before they actually move there. It varies how good angels are at this, though, so it’s not that unusual for them to bump into things or end up way off from their target destination. The halo does a lot of the work for you, but teleporting still Is magic that you wield yourself and requires practise (and talent) like any other type of magic.

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