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December 26, 2011

Edit 8/1 2012:
Remember when I said we’d be back on the 9th? Yeeaaahhh…. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. I’m currently buried in exams I need to study for and have no time to draw.
I didn’t mean for this to turn into a mini-hiatus, but such is life. Hopefully I’ll have a page next week, but I don’t want to promise what I don’t know if I can keep (I mean look where that got me just now).

Making Lana look as clichely angelic as possible is an endless source of amusement for me.

The Danish comic web magazine Nummer 9 did an interwiew with us. You can read it here.
It’s in Danish, but even if you don’t understand the language there are some progress shots of how I make pages for B.I.B.L.E. for you to look at :)

And now, contest results! Maia, our co-judge Maria, and I found a winner!
Balthazar and Rex, drawn by Heather McCulley
Our choice fell on this lovely drawing by Heather McCulley.
While judging we put most weight on the ideas behind the entries, and while this is pretty simple it’s also nice and clear in its simplicity and illustrates Rebound as a whole really, really well. Other than that it is well composed and we can see quite a lot of effort went into it.
Congrats again Heather, there’s a bag and a Nicholas drawing on the way to you :)

I’d also like to give special credit to the runner-ups who might as well share second place since we gave points and these two came out almost even:
Balthazar and fan character Koris, drawn by Liza Lovett
First this illustration by Chris Zarate.
Again this is a picture that clearly tells a story, and it even has an original character with some thought behind it. The picture as a whole is nicely composed and has a great atmosphere. Obviously a lot of work went into this one as well.

Character design by Hope Dunlap
Second we have this character design and description by Hope Dunlap.
We liked the idea behind this species a lot, it fits nicely with the B.I.B.L.E.-verse what with the mix of fantasy and real mythology and culture. The character was also very well thought out and described. Solid work all around :D

But seriously, thank you Everyone who made an entry! We loved all of them and I wish they could all win C: I was really happy to see so many different kinds of entries – That was exactly what we were hoping for with this contest.

I’ve taken the link to the contest page down from the sidebar, but for future reference you can find a link to it on the Gallery page.

As it has become somewhat of a tradition I’m taking a holiday break from comics since I’m not really home anyway. That means no comic next week, but we’ll be back on the 9th of January!

Happy holidays and see you in the new year.
// Gitte out


Congrats to the winners and all the people who entered the competition!
love the new page, too!
Merry Christmas

Congrats to Heather for winning the contest – that is a simply awesome picture. That’s the one I would have chosen, too.

Awesome fans for an awesome webcomic :D
congrats to the winners, absolutely stunning work. I was kinda sad i didn’t manage to participate but i would’ve gotten my behind kicked heh.

‘grats on the article too girls, that is so awesome!

Hi, Gitte.
I was just wondering what program you use for the text and speech bubbles..?
or is the art, text and all the other details on the same program?
please reply!!
(Huge fan btw! :)

I draw the speech bubbles myself in a program called Paint Tool SAI which is really brilliant for lineart if you don’t already know about it. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t have a text tool, so I write the text in Photoshop. The font is called Lafayette Comic Pro – It’s a free font you can find and download.

I should just ask…On TopWebComics, am I supposed to vote for my absolute favorite comic, or for all the comics I enjoy? Because now I get paralyzed by indecision about which one is my favorite and end up not voting at all.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having to do lots of exams, Good luck though!
You have heaps of encouragement and support from all your fans including me!
good luck on them and hope you do well!

Well don’t worry about getting BIBLE out on time, life happens, good luck with your exams and happy new year. I’ll always be looking for BIBLE updates, I really enjoy the story and art work that goes into it.

So glad to see updates! Not to be a huge nerd, but is there a particular reason Seraphim only have one pair of wings, not three? Post when you can, I’m not too worried about it. I’m sure it will be worth the wait regardless.

Honestly, the four wings thing is just a compromise between giving seraphim more wings than average angels, and keeping them functional characters that need to do other things than standing around (just two wings make that hard enough).

Lucifer is the only one shown with 6 wings like a real seraph.

You could always make itty bitty wings come out of their heads for the third set. :-p

I never have understood why some characters others draw have that. I mean it seems a bit awkward. I suppose it could be used for steering during flight or keeping your head cool.

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