Rebound page 170

July 4, 2015

Ohh boy, that attempt at updating more frequently sure didn’t last long. huh. Things happened, I’ve been busy, yadda yadda. I’ll try to get back on it though.


No worries, Gitte! The wait is always worth it. Great comic as always. Your command of characterization, expression, and pacing are awesome.

A lo, as the Angels foretold in the prophecy on June 25, 2015, as written in the Book of Maia: “And no worries, more pages will happen.”

And they did. And it was good.

And I am now down butchering the Bible for the sake of bad humor.

YES, I was waiting so long to see what vhedda roast looked like. Mmmm me want. I feel really sorry for poor Lance. He’s a little bit weird but that’s understandable with all he has suffered.

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