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June 12, 2009

Introducing Mud Face, Toad, and Mr. Horribly Gay Bishie Elf, as they have so lovingly been dubbed. They don’t look all too friendly, now do they?

Ugh, not so happy Friday. Like it says on the frontpage I have had some major issues trying to upgrade WordPress to the latest version like a lot of other people. Mostly it’s because new WordPress and old ComicPress doesn’t work very well together.
As a result our ‘comic’ page is currently broken. I am hoping for a fix to come up, but if not I’ll just have to find some way to work around it. For now, if you want to see the archives you can click the links under the descriptions for the comic pages.

On a more positive note Maia thought it would be a good idea that we posted new incentive images along with every page, so that’s what we’ll do. That means new incentive today, yay! And this Friday’s incentive is the cutest thing ever, so trust me; your vote will be worthwhile.

But oh man, I just screwed up the incentive description D: Nothing works for me today! Oh well, then I’ll tell you here. Maia was trying to draw a big, badass monster, but she failed. Horribly…


I was totally thinking that yon evil doer would have just curbstomped the prissy lil’ elf dudes head, because as we all know, you get bonus evilness points for a good ol’ fashioned stomping of a fail minions head. And due on the left in the command tent looks like a smoker, minus the disgusting, tongue thingie.
And you’ve left me with no material to insult the elf with you monsters! You used it all up in the name… I suppose I could call him effeminate and emo, but thats practically a requirement for elfs anyway.
Hey, you forgot to introduce us to the fellow with the dramatic lighting in the background! Oh, wait, I see an eyepatch. And what appears to either be a bandage or the top part of a peg leg (oh PLEASE let it be that!)
And I think that monster would still be fairly terrifying, just have him/her/it bellow “GIVE ME A KISS!” and your all set! It would be the grandmother of the monster world.

The only solution I’ve found for the current set of WordPress/ComicPress woes is to downgrade the installation back to 2.7.1. Hopefully the ComicPress boys will push out an update soon. :)

Yes, I know, but since our site doesn’t depend very much on ComicPress and therefore is not suffering from any major bugs ruining the entire site like it has happened to some unfortunate people (including you I see?) I think I’ll just stick with 2.8 and wait it out. the show must go on.
Thanks for telling anyway, though :)

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