The Creation page 8

May 31, 2009

And thus this creation story business comes to an end. I hope it didn’t bore you too much :)

Tomorrow I will return with the first page of Rebound and then we’ll let the real fun begin.


See now in a fight between those two, I think I would side with the one who could set the hippie’s hair and clothes on fire. That’s just me though.

Also, just for the record, instead of the last line, one or both of them should be saying “The world is what it is, yo!” Actually, it totally needs to be the angel, toooootally.

Umm.. hmm. Welp, I’m done! Can’t wait for the story proper though! Let the good times roll!

You sayin’ my angels need more street credz, yo? I got the hippest angels this side of town, bustin’ demons like it’s no thing.
Street credz to you too though, sir Dr. Nerfball. Quite a feat how you so kindly have commented on every single page so far, quite a feat I must say.

I noticed you referred to God as “it”, instead of “he” or “she”. How significant will that be?

Also, I noticed that you started numbering the pages at page 138 (according to the URL). ARe you leaving room for a prequel arc or two?

There won’t be much talk about God in general, so if you’re talking about significance in terms of confusion, then no, it won’t be a problem. In this universe God is not a character nor anything physical that a mortal will ever be able to grasp, thus It is reffered to as ‘It’ because God is a thing more than it is a person.
If God should ever be mentioned I will make sure the characters refer to It as God to avoid confusion :) However, it’s unlikely because God just isn’t very important to anybody’s everyday life.

About the URL thing: No, we will definitely avoid any prequels, especially the kind that are supposed to be inserted before the actual story, that’d just be a mess. ComicPress (which this site is powered by) magically makes up any URLs on the site. I have no idea why it has started numbering the pages from page 138.

Up until now the creation story has been fairly consistent, but this installment is very unsatisfying. :-/

I suppose it’s an inevitable problem if you’re going to have an omnipotent deity who wants to get rid of something but somehow can’t/won’t.

I love the symbolism; the white skulls and white flowers, the flaming breath and the flaming sword, etc.
So THAT’S where Bal gets his sword from?

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